Now offering worldwide outsourcing services!

Telemarketing Consultant partners with specialized call centers offshore and nearshore, depending on each client’s specific pricing and language requirements.

Vivz ltd. companies and call centers earn a perfect BBB A+ rating in 2017 with 0 complaints in our experianse!

Properly conducted telemarketing can work at a level you might not expect, and achieve far more than you might imagine.

B2B Telemarketing is a highly effective, flexible and measurable route to market. Research by the Direct Marketing Association confirms it can provide a stronger ROI than many other channels delivering £10 for every £1 spent, a return which increases when telemarketing is integrated with other channels.

Marketing your business can be a challenge, and reaching out to potential customers can become expensive and time-consuming. Continually answering phone calls, assisting customers and entering information can take away from your employees’ productivity. Telemarketing services are a less expensive and faster way to communicate with customers.

Why choose VIVZ for telemarketing services and call center outsourcing?

No Fees

You are never charged a fee for our expertise and outsourcing of outbound and inbound call center services. Telesales Services excels at matching your project needs to the appropriate call center to assure the best fit at no additional cost to your business.

Save time

Searching for a qualified B2B call center that meets your specific project requirements can be daunting and time consuming. Leave it to the experts at Telesales Services to save you significant time with our proven track record in call center services and referrals.

Best Fit

For over 18 years, Telesales Services has served as the industry model for matching the needs of thousands of clients to best-in-class resources. We represent over 100 USA based call centers which enables us to select the best fit for any project.